Your Heroes Are Human

Growing up I always had someone who I looked up to, someone who was my role model and the person that I wanted to be when I grew up. But as the years went by and my role models changed, I realized something while looking back on them all. My heroes were and still are human.

It never occurred to me, while I was little, that say…Hilary Duff was a young girl just like me. That she had feelings, a favorite color, and dreams too. She had flaws and insecurities and most of all, she wasn’t perfect. But nonetheless, I wanted to be just like her in every way. I dressed like her, wore my hair like she did… I just wanted to be her.

Flash forward to 2014 – I do not have a role model. I do not search for one woman to be like. Why do I choose to not look up to someone anymore? Well, because no one person is perfect. That’s not a stab at anyone, saying that, “I am perfect and therefore no one is better than I”, it’s a simple observation that I think by taking a closer look, you may understand yourself.  I find characteristics in several women that I admire and learn to have them myself. That is what a role model is to me. I never again want to model my behavior and lifestyle solely on one person. What a dangerous idea.

Live free.

Look up to people and be inspired by the superb things they do in their life, but let their imperfect lifestyle remind you, no one has it all figured out.

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