Who is Atkinson Avenue?

I’m Jennifer, the owner, and creator of atkinsonavenue.com

The only thing I’ve ever wanted to be in my lifetime was “strong”. I grew up, a very strong-willed child – always trying things for myself, even if I had the same result that my mother already told me I would have.

I grew into a mentally-tough gymnast as I flipped and twisted around bars and vaults, atop 4” wide beams and across a square spring floor, never really accepting that I could easily paralyze myself with a simple mistake. Later, into a strong-minded college student, where I refused to accept anything but the best, juggling 18 credit hours, coaching, working and tumbling myself into an overworked obsession. Throughout the years I’ve pushed and pushed myself to become stronger and after 26 years it’s finally beginning to pay off. Being strong is more than physical appearance, it’s more than mental fortitude, it’s all of these things combined with the knowledge to always be better than you were yesterday.


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