What’s In My Weekender Bag?

Preparing for long holiday weekends are my favorite. Having the extra time to lounge around or plan a quick trip is always rejuvenating to me. I have a serious addiction to traveling.

The Cinda B Destination Duffel is perfect for a weekend getaway, so I thought it would be fun to do a little “What’s In My Bag” post for the holiday weekend.

I keep most of these items in my bag once summertime comes around. Pools start opening, nights get longer and I want to spend my time enjoying things, instead of looking around for these travel items. You can find the links below for all of these items.

Bag  |   Sunglasses   |   Keychain   |   Passport Holder

Barnie’s Coffee Tumbler   |   Swimsuit   |   Hat

  • This bag is a perfect size for a weekend getaway or a quick carry-on. It has tons of pockets and a zipper so you can slide it over your suitcase handle.
  • These sunglasses go well with any outfit and they are the first pair of sunglasses that actually fit my face really well and don’t slide down.
  • Rifle Paper Company is my favorite illustration company, so it just makes sense to have a keychain of their work somewhere that I can see daily.
  • This gorgeous white passport holder does remain in my bag even when I’m not traveling abroad. I like to have it as inspiration and motivation to save my money so I can afford more trips abroad.
  • Barnie’s Coffee is located in Winter Park, Florida (also where Rifle Paper Co. is) and it’s an absolute MUST if you are ever in the area. Having this tumbler reminds me of one of my favorite places to visit in Florida.
  • She wore an itty bitty teeny weeny… white and black spotted bikini? Something like that. How cute is this? You never know when someone is going to spring a swimming day on you. (Maybe keep a razor handy too?)
  • Nothing says vacay more than a large sun hat that literally says “do not disturb”,  but seriously, do not disturb.

I love driving and I love finding new places and exploring places I’ve never been before. Over the past couple years, I’ve dedicated more of my time to figure out how to save money here and there or cutting back on spending, so I could afford to go on last-minute trips. I always have a weekend bag packed and ready to go if we decide to take off at the last minute.

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