Weekend Getaway: St. Louis

19 hours in St. Louis.

Yes, we took a weekend trip and spent under 24 hours there. I know it sounds crazy, but when you have kids, you learn to work with what ‘ya got.

We started off the Saturday morning at Panera grabbing breakfast and coffee for #nationalcoffeeday and began talking about our plans to drive to Chicago. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Chicago, but I wanted a new adventure.. a new city… and that’s exactly what we found in St. Louis.

I’ve traveled there before, but it was YEARS ago when I was a small child so when Jeremiah brought up the idea to drive south instead of north, I thought… well, why not?

If you’re from the midwest and looking for a weekend getaway, St. Louis might be the perfect spot!


We arrived in the city around 3 in the afternoon and started our adventure at the Morgan Street Brewery. The surrounding streets are all paved with bricks – it’s a sweet little area compared to the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city. We rented Bird Scooters and spent the rest of the day riding around the town. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera at home and were having so much fun in the city on the scooters so, we didn’t take many photos (which means this blog post will be SUPER short. lol).

The best part of the entire trip? Our stay at The Magnolia.

Guys, this place is so gorgeous, words cannot describe. The building was an old apartment complex, so the suite that we had had multiple rooms and it was darling. I’ll post a quick video of it below. When we go back to St. Louis again, I know EXACTLY where we are going to stay. We plan on coming back to St. Louis and bringing Cooper to the local museum, we came across it at night while riding our scooters, and it looks so neat and engaging. We are absolutely sure that he will love it.

Also, I’m going to include this great photo of myself from the drive – Jeremiah thinks I’m weird because I drive with one foot up on the seat. Any other foot-on-seat-drivers out there? Thanks for hanging out with me today, next time, I’ll remember my camera and have more to share!

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