Tiny Houses and Elves with Reindeer

We spent this past chilly weekend at a tiny house event here in Zionsville, Indiana checking out all the neat spaces and trying our very best to stay warm. The event was “Try It Tiny” Tiny Wonderland at Lion’s Park a few minutes away from our house, so we bundled up and braved the cold just to get a glimpse of these gorgeous little homes.

Jeremiah and I were both blown away by the quality of these tiny homes and, of course, it started the inspirational gears turning. We’ve decided it would be neat to have one, but maybe not quite yet, and definitely not as our everyday-livable home space.

When we got home I started drawing up ideas from what we had seen while Jeremiah shook his head.


Before we traveled home, we stopped downtown Zionsville to get a bite to eat, but quickly got side-tracked by a reindeer and his elf! We stopped to pose for a few photos and then ended up in a neat little bookstore, called Black Dog Books, a few steps away from Santa’s workshop.

Tiny Houses and Elves with Reindeer
Tiny Houses and Elves with Reindeer

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