Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2017

Here comes spring!

And for me, that means intense spring cleaning.

Don’t get me wrong, I clean out and purge items in my house all year long, but something about the fresh new year just makes me eager to do an even better job at cleaning and getting rid of what is not necessary. 

Lately, I’ve been exploring the magic of Minimalistic lifestyles as well as capsule wardrobes.

If you haven’t heard yet, capsule wardrobes limit the amount of pieces of clothing that you own and help you to focus on keeping and purchasing versatile items. Minimalistic lifestyles range from keeping only what you need, to the extreme of getting rid of your car. No offense to either of these groups of people who live these lifestyles, but I’ve definitely had to adjust them both for them to help, and not hurt, my life. ( A 45 minute commute with no car wouldn’t be much fun!)

Step One – Research:

I began rummaging through my closet. I knew that I had too many items that I didn’t love when I became extremely stressed while looking for a cute and casual outfit for Valentine’s day. Ridiculous, right? So when I heard about the capsule wardrobe about a year ago, the more and more research I did, the more it lead me to these AMAZING people who some how turned there closets into a 30 piece interchangeable set. No gonna happen, baby. I LOVE clothes. I love dressing cute more than anything else, so I set off to begin my own capsule wardrobe adventure.

Step Two – Before Photo:

Although it looks pretty tidy, I knew that there were plenty of pieces that could be donated in here and a few more that I had purchased that I just didn’t love anymore. It was time to do the tough stuff.


Step Three – Removing every single item from my closet:

What a mess! I was starting to doubt my abilities to ever get this entire closet cleaned out AND put back together in a day. I made three piles in the end:

– Keep

– Donate

– Sell


Step Four – Place items back in closet and set a place for each item:

RESULT: I feel so much lighter and happier! Mornings have been so easy, now that I’m not standing there looking at items that I hate! Taking EVERYTHING out of my closet was the best decision I made. It was much harder to hang something back up if I knew that I didn’t really love it.

I did a quick count to add up all of the pieces that I had after getting rid of over HALF of what was in my closet, (this is the third time I’ve done this since we moved into this house March 2016, yikes!) to give you a better idea of a realistic capsule wardrobe for someone who has to have clothes for work, working out and casual needs:

  • Workout Clothes: 17 Pieces
  • Everyday Clothe: 98 Pieces
  • Accessories: 42 Pieces
  • Shoes: 25 Pairs
  • Total – 182 Items


Are YOU going to attempt a capsule-style wardrobe this year? And if you have already, what has been the best thing about your new lighter wardrobe choices?

Until next time,


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