Spray Painting Like a Pro

Sunshine yellow. Sunflower yellow. Bright yellow nightstands. I don’t care what magical name you have for them, it was a bad choice. When we moved into our home in 2016, we couldn’t resist getting a little crazy with some of the items we wanted to bring into the house. Afterall, it was a brand new slate and we could make it anything we wanted it to be. For whatever insane reason, we decided to start with yellow.

2 years later, I’m taking matters into my own hands. Today, these babies are getting a facelift.

To start out, I documented this terrible color a bunch of times, so I could see, after it was all done why it was okay for me to paint these nightstands that I pay a pretty penny for at Target only 2 years ago. Not that “because it was a bad idea” wasn’t enough justification…

Next: I wiped them down, removed the knobs, took them outside and set up a “painting studio”, aka some tarps and a shelter from the rain because I’m impatient and wanted these done ASAP. 🙂

Supplies: I used 4 cans total, 2 cans Rust-Oleumsemi-gloss white, and 2 cans Rust-oleum satin white. I used the satin spray paint as a base to get the yellow covered and then followed up with the semi-gloss for the correct finish. I used large, wide strokes from left to right and sprayed about 6 thin-layers, leaving enough time for them to dry in between each layer.

After 6-7 layers, they were finally covered and finished! This took me about 3 hours to complete because of the humidity and having to wait in-between coats, but boy was it worth it…

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