Simple Holiday Gifts For Women

I feel like the word comfort would be a great word for the gifts that I received this year. This year for Christmas, we decided to go simple and Jeremiah picked out some of my very favorite items and then added in a few things he knew I needed added to my wardrobe for our winter snowboarding trips and our crazy Indiana weather.

 Easy Holiday Gifts For Women


I’ve included all of the links here in the post below. I’ve broken up my favorite gifts from 2017 into three simple categories.


I love taking baths so the lush bath bomb and bubbler were perfect for daily use. Jeremiah purchased a Dragons Egg Bath Bomb and a Brightside Bubbler from LUSH – two of my absolute favorites. The Dragons Egg is so cool to watch open and it’s got a little popping surprise in the end, so it makes for a nice relaxing sound while soaking. The Brightside Bubbler has been my favorite item from LUSH for a few years now – the scent is irreplaceable and this one is perfect for cutting into sections for multiple uses.


I love the scent of the Volcano candle from Anthropologie and there’s just nothing to compare it to. Within minutes of lighting it, it fills the entire room. Although this candle might be a little pricey, sometimes it’s important to spend a little money for the higher-quality items like this.

I also cannot get enough of the No Drought Dry Shampoo from LUSH, not only does it help to tame my oily roots, but the lemon scent smells so fresh.


I am a die-hard fan of snowboarding in the winter when we can here in Indiana, but one thing I just can’t get used to is the cold! I love going out for hours on end to ride down the hills here locally, but I just wasn’t ever able to bundle up enough. This year for Christmas, I received a Patagonia quarter zip fleece and it was perfect for just that. My North Face Boots were also a great addition for before and after we went snowboarding. They were great for trekking through the snow on the way to the lodge and afterwards to warm my toes back up after a snow-filled day.





Dragons Egg Bath Bomb

Brightside Bubbler Bar

No Drought Dry Shampoo


Quarter Zip Fleece

The North Face:

Mid Snow Boot in Dachshund Brown


Volcano Candle


Red Striped Tunic Sweater

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