Planning Our Patio Space

As the summer winds down, we finally have the time to focus on our back patio that we’ve been trying to finish for a few summers. We were fortunate enough to have pavers given to us for free by a co-worker, (I’ll explain the rest of that story below), and ever since then, we’ve been trying to find inexpensive ways to make the backyard what we had dreamed of. Today I’m sharing some of the ideas and inspiration that I’m using to plan out backyard retreat.

I found most of my inspiration for this space from Pinterest, of course! I began making a board of backyards that I thought were absolutely dreamy here, and I still continue to add to it daily. One of the most important parts of our backyard that I wanted to “remake” was the seating. We had thrown together a quick 2×4″ corner bench with a built-in table, but without cushions, it was extremely uncomfortable so we always opted to sit in foldable chairs that we drug out of the garage instead. I absolutely love spending time outside, and especially sitting outside with string lights, reading a book, so I knew that comfort was my top priority. I also love having the chance to have bonfires during the summer and fall, so making a space that was inviting and warm added to my priority list.

Most of our home is a mix between a modern farmhouse and urban suburbia. I take most of my inspiration from Fixer Upper/Joanna Gaines/Magnolia Homes, but with this outdoor space, I wanted to push “modern” a little further than “farmhouse”. Using bright cushions with a combination of contrasting black pillows keeps the modern looking timeless.

Visiting my grandparents home was one of my favorite things to do while growing up. They had spent years and years building their sanctuary in the backyard of their home. Their backyard felt like it went on for ages, and in each corner, there was something unique. One corner had a pond with large Koi fish, another with apple trees to climb and the last a garden that twisted around the edge of the property into a line of blueberry and raspberry bushes. But, one of my favorite things in their home was a circle firewood hoop. I couldn’t really tell you why I was so fascinated by it, but I loved the way it looked, so I’m planning on incorporating one in our patio this year!

Along with the circle firewood hoop, I’m planning to purchase a cast iron fire pit, outdoor lanterns, pillows, a pouf and a blanket close by to use on the colder nights. You can see my inspiration board below:

I’m very excited to start pulling all of these items together and build exactly what we were looking for. Check back in the next few weeks to see progress and the final reveal of our backyard retreat!

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