Planning an Indianapolis Airbnb Bachelorette Party

We celebrated our bride-to-be, Brittani, with Mexican food, karaoke and dueling pianos in downtown Indianapolis. Too much fun, too many drinks! She’s obsessed with Pineapples, so I collected ideas via Pinterest and chose to decorate the place with bright decorations and created a super cute background out of tissue paper.

I worked together with the maid-of-honor to plan a super simple, cheap and fun Saturday night Bachelorette party in downtown Indianapolis.

Step one: Decide on a theme

We chose to do a fun sparkling theme with bright colors, gold, champagne, and pineapples. We used a lot of things that we already had and could repurpose – trying to keep within budget.

Step two: Find inspiration

After finding inspiration on Pinterest, I purchased a champagne bottle balloon on Amazon and attached some tissue paper to make it look like the champagne was spilling out. The joke was on us though, the tassels made it too heavy so it wouldn’t attach to the wall for a photo prop so Brittani decided to walk around with it all night instead. I picked up a tassel banner and turned it into a backdrop for photos. Ironically, I ended up not having any of the photos on my phone from that night besides these few.

Step three: Locate Airbnb

We rented the cutest Airbnb out in Fountain Square to get ready in and spend the night in. Our Airbnb was one of the cutest in the area and reasonably priced. If you’re looking to host an Airbnb Bachelorette party, I would recommend this house every time! It has a spiral staircase, an absolutely gorgeous bathroom, and a loft bed! It was too cold to spend much time outside, but they have an amazing outdoor space too.


Step four: Decide on appetizers

Because I live in Indianapolis, I chose to make the food so it could be easily transported and the other girls wouldn’t have to worry about traveling hours with food. I made some Pepperoni Pizza Bombs, Tortellini Bites and a cheese and meat tray I picked up from the store.

Step five: Choose the booze

The girls made sure to take care of the booze on their way through town which helped out with keeping it cold.

Step six: Arrive before the bride to set up

Since the Airbnb is about 30 minutes away from my house, I packed everything up in my car and arrive about 45 minutes before the girls and the bride-to-be were scheduled to get there. It was a perfect amount of time to get the decorations hung, the table set up with food and I strung up a few sets of white string lights to give the place a fun little spark.

Step seven: Party!

The girls arrived and we snacked and spent awhile getting ready, then we took an Uber over to Nada in downtown Indianapolis and celebrated with margaritas and Mexican food. This place is my absolute favorite – their chicken al carbon tacos, margaritas, chili-glazed crispy potatoes and build your own queso… you just can’t go wrong here.

After dinner, we headed around the corner to Punch Bowl Social for private karaoke. I love this spot for their eclectic look and feel. Renting out a private karaoke room was a perfect idea for us all to warm up the rest of the night by singing at the top of our lungs, behind closed doors, to whatever songs our little hearts desired. The room had its own waitress, so no more waiting at the bar forever – you can just stay in one place and enjoy each other’s company.

To finish up the night, we walked a few down the block to Howl at the Moon – the total entertainment experience with live music, dance hits and party anthems that will have you dancing in no time. The thing I love the most about this place is that it never fails to entertain, I’ve been here for a few different occasions and we always have an amazing night, and the girls rave about it for days.

I absolutely recommend hosting your bachelorette party here in Indianapolis and renting an Airbnb, it was simple and so much fun. Our bride gave two thumbs up to everything we planned for the night and everything went off without a hitch!

(*Photos of Airbnb, Punch Bowl Social, and Howl at the Moon are not my own)

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