Planning Our Patio Space

As the summer winds down, we finally have the time to focus on our back patio that we’ve been trying to finish for a few summers. We were fortunate enough to have pavers given to us for free by a co-worker, (I’ll explain the rest of that story below), and ever since then, we’ve been trying to find inexpensive ways to make the backyard what we had dreamed of. Today I’m sharing some of the ideas and inspiration that I’m using to plan out backyard retreat.

Markets for Makers – Indianapolis

This past weekend I drove into downtown Indianapolis to the Biltwell Center (my FAVE wedding venue EVER) to check out the Markets for Makers event. They had a huge selection of shops there and way too many things I wanted to purchase! This is the first Markets for Makers event that I have gone to, but they travel around state-by-state and host an inexpensive market for makers. Pretty obvious, right? Well, that’s why you keep me around.