Our Master Bedroom Overhaul

I’ve spent the last 2 years trying to figure out what I wanted to do with our master suite. We purchased matching yellow nightstands when we moved in and I have been trying to design around them for months now with no success. I’m going to reveal our new space here on the blog today!

So, here are the before images. Like I mentioned before, we fell in love with this set of yellow nightstands when we moved in over 2 years ago. I’ve been trying to tie everything in and make it connect to the bright sunflower yellow tables – and I’ve had no success. I’m finally okay with admitting defeat and I’m willing to do what needs to be done to make this suite feel more like a sanctuary.

We’ve had this bed frame for about 4 years now and I could never figure out what it was that I didn’t love about it, and now I finally know! I love the tufted headboard but hate how dated it looks because it’s a sleigh bed! AH HAH! I finally figured it out. Right now we don’t have the cash to be able to swap it out, but it’s next on my list of things to sell and replace, but for now, I incorporated it into the design the best I could.

I hung these IKEA lamps and picture frames, thinking I could make sort-of a gallery feel. Well, it didn’t work because it was executed poorly and they just stayed that way for about a year now. haha, see! Nobody’s perfect! Also, don’t mind the large black cord hanging down behind the lemon plant… and as far as that yellow nightstand… we’re going to give it a fresh coat of paint – good as new!

I knew I wanted a round mirror, but never took the time to really get what I was looking for. This piece had to go. I loved the dresser we got at IKEA and I knew that I could repurpose some of the other decorations laying around. I thought “less is more” but in this instance, the mirror was dwarfing the items that I had intentionally placed on top of the dresser and I never realized it.

This overhaul is still in progress and I hope to keep you updated.

If you want to see how I re-painted the yellow nightstand for a fresh and clean look check out this blog post I did about it. It was too long to include in this blog post, but I think there is some useful information in there!

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