New Years Resolution Focus Words

Consistent, Grateful, Healthy, Uncomfortable & Hydrated.

These are my 5-focus words for 2018. I’m attempting to live a more fulfilling life and really sticking to my goals. I left a job that didn’t inspire me, continued minimizing my valuables, drinking more water, working out more and tidying my spaces on a daily basis.


My overall mental health has increased significantly. I feel lighter and I’ve been told that I seem happier. I lack a serious amount of consistency when it comes to making goals and continuing on with them, so that is why it’s at the top of my list. Being grateful for what I have and where I’m going is something I should do on a daily basis, so it’s second. Health is so much more than just what I eat and when I work out – I’m focused on moving more, taking breaks, listing to my body and paying attention to what it’s asking for. Uncomfortable means I’m always moving forward if I’m comfortable, I’m not doing enough. And being hydrated is just one of those items I always forget but need to remember.

Everything I’ve been doing to pursue these 5-focus words has helped to make the next one easier. If I am more consistent, then I am more grateful. If I am grateful, I take care of my body. If I take care of my body, I am more willing to run more or do things that make me uncomfortable.  And I can push myself harder when I am hydrated.

My tidying has lead me to prepare things ahead of time so I have less of a reason to back out, but for the most part, the word consistency keeps me going strong.

A few of my smaller goals include:

  • visit Colorado/travel
  • eat healthier/cook more
  • get a dog
  • stay organized
  • become more selfless
  • manage my money better
  • bike more
  • get fit
  • and run more

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