Lawrence and Larimer in Denver

After picking up our rental car in Denver, we were told to go to the Denver Biscuit Company. It was a MUST. Once we arrived there was a long wait, so we wandered down the street. Little did we know that we would walk into one of the coolest shops on Colfax – Lawrence and Larimer.

Lawrence & Larimer (LAW+LAR) is a Denver born boutique, producing high-quality basic style staples: Polo’s, Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Skirts and more for women and men who want to keep in great style.

“With fabrics sourced from around the world, almost all of our products are designed in-house; allowing us to provide a limited edition of new and original items each season at an affordable cost. To deliver inspiring fun brick-and-mortar events for our Denver clientele, we have teamed up with Goorin Bros. (Denver), Table 6 and Buffalo Exchange (Denver). With these partners we create LAW+LAR themed pop-up shops, bringing in new and returning shoppers who have generated a great deal of buzz for our brand. “

When we walked inside, the charisma and atmosphere of the shop immediately pulled us in further. We had the chance to chat with the shop owner who told us about the business, how they got there start and how long they had been there. It’s always so neat to meet an entrepreneur that has made their dream come alive.


If you’re ever in Denver, don’t miss the opportunity to check this place out and if you can’t make it there anytime soon, check them out online at:





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