Fall In Love With Cat & Jack from Target

If you didn’t already know, Target has the cutest line for kids clothing called Cat & JackTM

 This Target-exclusive line perfect for all occasions. The clothing line includes items for girls, boys, toddler and baby. No matter what stage in life you’re kids are at, they’ll have something for you.

Click for links to Cooper’s outfit: Shirt, Shorts, Shoes

I absolutely love this line and use it almost exclusively when buying Cooper’s clothing. They fit well, are cute and affordable. This past week we realized that he had grown out of all of his shorts from Cat & JackTM’s line last year, imagine that! We took a quick trip to Target and found everything we needed, shorts, shirts and even shoes.

Right now, my favorite items from the Cat & JackTM line are these 2-Pack shirts and shorts and their cute AND affordable slip-ons.

They can all be found here:

Short Sleeve 2-Pack Shirts

Pull-On Shorts 2-Pack

Toddler Boys’ Laif Sneakers – Green

As quickly as Cooper grows out of his clothing, this affordable clothing line helps me deal with the dread of having to purchase new clothing all of the time. It’s a win-win, he loves the clothes and my wallet loves saving some money.

A Target Cat & JackTM baby subscription box?

Something new I discovered about Cat & JackTM this week: they have a subscription box for babies!

The steps are simple:

Step One:

Pick a gender and select Baby’s size, from newborn to 24M. Change your size at any time.

Step Two:

You’ll get 6-7 outfit-worthy pieces that haven’t been released yet, plus a surprise gift.

Step Three:

Dress up your little one and make sure it all fits. Keep what you love and return what you don’t.

Step Four:

When a new season starts, you’ll get the next box. We’ll automatically send the next size up to match your growing baby.

Although our house is baby-free at the moment, I’d love to check out this subscription service. For me, it would be one less thing to think about as the seasons roll in. Have any of you heard about or used the Baby Cat & Jack subscription box service yet? If you have, let me know in the comment section below what you thought!

Also, if you didn’t already know, Target has free shipping on all orders $35 or more!

Cooper gives his approval – he loves Target because that means he might have the chance to get a “pup cup” from Starbucks if he’s good. We haven’t told him they’re meant for dogs quite yet, don’t fix something that’s working. 😉

Until next time,

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