Decorating Our Foyer + Free Printable Botanical Art

After staring at these blank frames for almost two years, I finally decided what I wanted to do with them. 2 years later, and the frames are finally complete! Although we wanted to have family photos in here, I think we’ll be just fine with a photo frame placed on the top of the (Runser-custom-made) buffet instead. 😂😍🙌🏼 Also, @magnolia paint was a perfect touch for this space! If you’re looking for the Free Printable Botanical Art PDF, stick around for the end of the post!

I just love this space. I think it’s a perfect combination of what we were looking for. And now, with the botanical prints – it’s a show stopper!

We were looking for a place to hold some of the liquor we had been gifted, and this magnolia tray on the buffet was a perfect spot! It’s a nice invitation as you walk in the door, noting that we are here and ready to party! Kidding, kind of… but what’s more welcoming than “Hello, welcome! Take off your shoes, would you care for a drink?” Speaking of hosting, does anyone have any good book recommendations for hosting tips and tricks? I’m new at this, obviously. ha!

As far as the prints go – I had them printed at 13×17″ for these frames from Ikea. I have the PDF listed below for you to download – feel free to arrange them any way you see fit. This was my wall arrangement: 

Click the text above or here at this link. Enjoy! –Free Botanical Prints PDF

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