Create a Great Gatsby Look for Under $60

This past weekend we attended a roaring twenties party and Iโ€™ll start out by saying, Iโ€™ve been waiting for this moment my whole life, old sport. ๐Ÿ™‚

But if you know anything about me, you know I hate spending a lot of money on anything.ย My grandmother used to take us to Goodwill for the half-off Saturdays when we were growing up. I would pretend I hated it, but secretly I totally loved every second. Jeremiah thinks itโ€™s hilarious to hear me rattle off how little I paid when friends compliment my outfits or items in our home, โ€œGoodwill girl, you know it. Five dollars!โ€ But this time, I consulted my two other favorite places to save money โ€“ Amazon and AliExpress.

Now, the only downside with AliExpress is having to plan far ahead if you want to order something because each item usually ships from China and it can take anywhere from two weeks to a month to receiveย your items. So, when our neighbor sent out the invite early November for the party in January I jumped on the opportunity to search AliExpress for the lowest pricedย roaring 20โ€™sย items โ€“ most of these items I could find on Amazon, but they were more expensive.

I took the overall idea from Daisy Buchananโ€™s character outfit from Great Gatsby (2012). This was the outfit she wore to Gatsbyโ€™s party and then gave it my own rose-gold and warm toned elements. Also you can purchase similar bracelets that she wears in the movie, I just didnโ€™t decide to purchase them this time:

I cannot wait to use this outfit for another party โ€“ I had so much fun wearing this and had tons of compliments from people wanting to know where I got each piece and of course, the conversationsย went like this, โ€œAliExpress girl, you know it. Five dollars!โ€

See below for the specific pieces I purchased, links to each item and pricing โ€“ Go stock up for your next Great Gatsby Party, Bachelorette party or Halloween!

  1. Fashion Feather Cape on Amazon -$24
  2. Faux Fox Fur Collar โ€“ $8
  3. Vintage 1920โ€™s Flapper Midi Dress โ€“ $22
  4. Vintage 1920โ€™s Great Gatsby Headband โ€“ $5

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