A True Family Man

I’ve always wanted to be with a family man. A man who sees himself as a father and secondly as a husband. He puts his kids first and does whatever is necessary to make their lives better.

Well, I’ve found one.

Its been an interesting past two years and I would have never thought we would have ended up together. But I was always there beside him, supporting him through everything that had to do with his son. I spent the first 6-7 months of his sons’ life caring for him and watching him as he was my own, not out of obligation because I wasn’t even his girlfriend at this point, but because how extremely deep I felt for him. I wanted him to know how much he meant to me and that nothing would stand in my way.

But something that pulled me even closer to him is the way he looks at his son. The way he smiles at his son, what he would do for his son and just how proud he is of everything he does.

I love watching them interact and love how happy Cooper is to see him when he gets home. I love watching them hug and just knowing what a great role model Jeremiah will be for this little human being. I love the way he gets excited to sneak into his room later at night to grab his leftover milk in his sippy cup and catch another glance of this beautiful sleeping child. Or even the way we sit in his room on the two days that he’s not with us and think about how crazy it is that we’ve got such a blessing of responsibility on our hands.

I walked out to the living room the other day to see that Cooper’s door was cracked, there I found Jeremiah, standing in the middle of his room just staring. As I approached him he just smiled at me almost at the brink of tears and said, “He’s really mine. I really made this child.” My eyes welled up with tears and I hugged him, knowing how proud he was for making all the choices he had made for his son.

This was exactly what I’ve always been looking for. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

“I never knew how much I loved you until I saw how much you love him.”

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