3 Things to Appreciate about Starbucks

I noticed that within the last two years of my college career I have become a die-hard Starbucks consumer.

Now there’s something to be said about a large coffee shop chain that took the idea of a coffee shop and made it wonderful. And I know there are many Starbucks hating humans out there, but I am not one of them. I do appreciate an “off the beaten path” coffee shop, but for some reason, Starbucks has roped me in. Usually it would only take a caffeine addiction to write words of admiration for Starbucks, but this…it’s a little different than that.

1. Oh, those dark colored tables, bar stools and sofas.

There’s something different about Starbucks, a reason why they have become so desirable. 

They took the time to understand that the branding of a company isn’t just the logo or what is served, it’s the whole entire company. Have you notice the dim lighting and environment of Starbucks? The dark warm colors make me want to nuzzle up in their fluffy chair and hold my hot coffee for hours. It’s a place where friends and family can gather.

It’s an inviting place, it’s a comforting place and it’s where some of the best conversations I’ve had in my entire life have happened. The interior of this business is so inviting, especially the window seats.

2. A signature signed cup.

I find personalities outstandingly interesting. I am a people watcher. Handwriting is just another aspect of human nature, something that is directly connected to our personalities, so I find that there is nothing more exciting than seeing the way other people write my name. The different “fonts” that come on each cup I buy makes my heart swell up with happiness. I’ve changed my handwriting a few times, and it’s always fun to see how else I could write my own name.

Maybe it’s just an unknown perk of Starbucks, but I bet after reading this, you may come to appreciate it too.

3. Focus.

I leave my desk and drive to Starbucks knowing that I will be paying at least $3 to “borrow” wifi for as long as I stay and a beverage. But nothing can beat the sense of focus that I get when I sit down in that coffee community. That’s just it, it feels like a community. I feel comfortable, but I feel motivated. I don’t feel bogged down by Facebook or YouTube, I just get shit done, and I do it well.

I once spent 8 straight hours in a local Starbucks working on the branding of a luxury electric car company. Yes, eight hours. I didn’t even notice what time it was until my boyfriend called and said he was on his way home from work.

Now that.. That’s is a miracle.

You tell me one other place that I could sit in one spot for eight hours straight and work continuously. I can’t seem to find any other.

I know these may seem like the smallest reasons to appreciate such a large and overly-priced chain coffee shop, but I do, and I think I will continue. Why not join me? 🙂


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