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5 Steps to Happiness

  1. Get out. Travel.

If you can leave and travel, leave and travel. If your job ties you down, take a trip on the weekend to refresh.

2. Connect Online.

Find something, even online that gives you peace of mind. My favorite mindless activity is Pinterest. Make future boards, current boards, just pin whatever makes you happy!

3. Wear Your Favorite Outfit.

You know, your favorite outfit and we’re not judging! If it’s a pair of yoga pants and a baggy sweatshirt, slip into it. If you love dressing up and a spicy blazer will do the trick, dress it up! Either way, find something that you feel confident in, even if you use Pinterest to search for an idea, we’re not going to judge you. Feel good, feel happy.

4. Get Some Sun.

Sunshine is the best way to brighten up your day, your week and even your life. Center your thoughts on the last vacation that you took. Enjoy that feeling and try to spend a Saturday pretending like you’re a tourist in your own town. Slap on some sunscreen and get out there!

5. Be Silly.

What are the simple things you did as a kid? Did you build a fort made of blankets, go bowling or maybe wade in a stream? Take some time to do something silly, goofy, something that sends those happy shivers down your back. Forget the judgement, especially in your own home, you can be silly and no one will know!

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