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    Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2017

    Here comes spring!
    And for me, that means intense spring cleaning.

    Don’t get me wrong, I clean out and purge items in my house all year long, but something about the fresh new year just makes me eager to do an even better job at cleaning and getting rid of what is not necessary.

    Lately, I’ve been exploring the magic of Minimalistic lifestyles as well as capsule wardrobes.
    If you haven’t heard yet, capsule wardrobes limit the amount of pieces of clothing that you own and help you to focus on keeping and purchasing versatile items. Minimalistic lifestyles range from keeping only what you need, to the extreme of getting rid of your car. No offense to either of these groups of people who live these lifestyles, but I’ve definitely had to adjust them both for them to help, and not hurt, my life. ( A 45 minute commute with no car wouldn’t be much fun!)

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    My Four Year Old Eats Everything I Eat

    Everything? Yes, everything.

    Growing up, I had the option of asking my poor mother to cook anything my heart desired. And because she wanted to make us happy, she usually cooked something she knew we would eat anyways.

    But now, in my home, my four year old eats everything I do. It has never been an option, in our house, to throw a fit and not eat what is served to you. At a very young age, we taught him that if he wanted to eat dinner that he would eat with us.

    By all means, I’m not saying we had it all figured out, we hit the stage of picky eating, but we pushed right through it. I can’t tell you the amount of carrots he held in his mouth. He’d take one bite, decide he hated the texture and hold it in his mouth. But here was the difference, we told him he had to eat it then we walked away and pretended to “not pay attention”.

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    Post-College Thoughts: What I did wrong

    Welcome to the first of many coffee+chat posts.
    These posts are dedicated to self-reflection and to help you think about your own life experiences, as well as realizing that I’m also, far from perfect.

    Topic for Week #001 – What I did wrong in college

    I approached college like any unprepared high school graduate would.
    My boyfriend at the time said he wanted to go, so I went too.

    We didn’t bother looking around, we just went to the cleaner “big city” that was close to us. That so happened to be IPFW, in Fort Wayne. I came in thinking I wanted to teach elementary education and he, well, he was undecided.

    I chose to jump into something that was familiar, I had coached gymnastics since I was a freshman in high school and spent year-round with younger children teaching them a skill that I had mastered. That’s like teaching, right? Wrong.

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    Home Product Staging

    So, I’ve got a weird job.

    Simply put, today my house was staged for a product photoshoot.
    This isn’t the first time we’ve used my house for staging, but this time it was a little different, we had a piece of furniture.

    Now, the cool thing about this is that these photos are being taken and delivered to an Amazon seller, who focuses on  “Industrial Rustic Handmade Furniture” in Missouri.

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    Let Me Introduce Myself.


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