Preparing for a Puppy

I’ve been BEGGING Jeremiah for 5 years to get a puppy. We always had our reasons not to, one of them being the fact that I love traveling SO much and paying for someone to watching/keep our dog would just be an added expense to the trip.

Well, the time has come, and not in the way that I had expected it to. Which of course, is kinda the way everything happens in our lives… always unpredictable, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Come tomorrow morning, we will be fostering a mini Australian Shepard in our home.

Planning Our Patio Space

As the summer winds down, we finally have the time to focus on our back patio that we’ve been trying to finish for a few summers. We were fortunate enough to have pavers given to us for free by a co-worker, (I’ll explain the rest of that story below), and ever since then, we’ve been trying to find inexpensive ways to make the backyard what we had dreamed of. Today I’m sharing some of the ideas and inspiration that I’m using to plan out backyard retreat.